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We celebrate each child's uniqueness and individuality

Our open plan set up encourages children to learn skills in a safe, fun and nurturing environment which allows them to respond in a more confident way in situations outside of therapy.   

We know that being a parent of a child with additional needs is more than a full-time job and often you can feel like you are on your own.  We offer support outside of therapy sessions so you don’t have to sit with unanswered questions running through your head.  We also teach you how to get the most out of the activities you do with your child at home, allowing you to feel proactive and that you are doing everything you can.   

Because of all of this, Motivate Kids supports children to live their best lives.

At Motivate Kids, we work with children who struggle with hitting their milestones and would like to succeed and become independent and confident in all that they do.

What separates Motivate Kids from other clinics is that we get to the root of the cause of your child’s developmental difficulties creating lasting change that will also allow for smooth future development. 

We recognise that every child is unique and individual therefore our focus is on celebrating that.  We believe it is important to then mould our therapeutic approaches to the exact and changing needs of your child.  We are truly flexible in our approach.   

Sometimes you may feel like your child’s therapy journey is like a never ending piece of string.  We work with you to create a therapy plan with clear goals so you know where we are at, what the journey will involve and how far off the destination is. 

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Recognising Alliances

Motivate Kids has received incredible support in the foundational stages and would like to recognise and thank the following companies for their involvement and the remarkable contribution they have each made

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