Would you like to know if Motivate Kids is the next step for you and your child?

Motivate Kids recognises that some parents have those 'gut feelings' that their child is not hitting their milestones or something is not quite right in their development. You may have been told that 'they will grow into it' or that 'you're being pedantic'. It is fair that you want answers now, because early intervention is crucial for optimal brain and body development.

We encourage you to take this offer to have a complimentary 15 minute phone consult to speak with Rochelle, our Senior Occupational Therapist. She will be able to guide you through a set of questions to determine if pursuing an Occupational Therapy Assessment is the right step for your child. This is a no obligation phone call at a time that is convenient for you. The aim is to take your concerns and transform them into confidence in knowing what to do next.

You will also come out of the phone call with a clear understanding of what an Occupational Therapy Assessment looks like, how Occupational Therapy works and when it is appropriate to take this route.

Make a time for a complimentary phone consult at a time that is convenient for you using the booking form below.

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