This is easy for a Zen Master to say!








He doesn’t have children, run a household, go to work, entertain and certainly doesn’t have to shop and prepare for Xmas! Yet there are people who live in our world who do all this and smile, breathe, relax, enjoying what they do.


They begin or end their day with 20 min meditations and when busy they have 20 x 2 min meditations and when really, really, busy they have 40 x 1 min meditations. Their zen saying is

                     “it’s the little things in life that matter.”

They use minutes to reset, recharge and restart – just as we do for our computers and devices when we have too many programs open.

While finding 20 mins at the beginning of the day to focus your energy and thoughts may be a struggle, studies show it is more beneficial than sleep. If you set the alarm 20 mins earlier to enjoy a cup of tea and focusing your thoughts on your important priorities, how much calmer you would feel to begin your day? See how it works?

….And if each sip of glass of water, tea, or wine was enjoyed thoroughly, you would find more minutes to reset, recharge and restart. Smiling and enjoying being with your child captures other minutes.

Still not possible for you?  Or are you ready for some new strategies to achieve this? Then come along to Meditations at Motivate Kids and find out other simple strategies.

Mary Saunders Director SAGE insights – a people development company

A busy bee who meditates and does yoga every day to ensure she enjoys every moment and gets through her tasks.

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