Parents are saying

Motivate Kids recognises that parents are the experts in their child's lives. It is important that parents feel supported, heard and have a platform to share their experiences with others. Their journey may be different to yours but we can all learn from each other. May their hindsight be your foresight.

What is it that we do?

“Work with kids to help integrate their reflexes and download their sensory systems. Build relationships with kids and build their confidence.”

 “You empower and strengthen my child to grow and learn, setting him up physically, emotionally and socially for life as a 5 yr old and beyond”

 “Tailored exercises to help strengthen children's weaker areas.”

 “You hear what the parent say, the child as well. We communicate during session as to how our child is going not just with OT but with other issues as well.”

What results are we working on or have achieved together?

“Working towards improving his coordination and his concentration on his surroundings. We have seen much improvement in this.”

 “My son's ability to sit up for longer period and a lot more confidence in his movements. He would never play in the play area when there is a crowd. He has no problem with that now.”

“We have achieved many things but mostly my child’s willingness and desire to learn. We are still working towards building his core strength and fine motor skills. Also, teaching him to be resilient and flexible.”

What one piece of advice would you pass onto new parents just about to start their OT journey?

“It's been very successful and fun at the same time and the kids don't even realise that what they are doing is helping them.”

 “Keep an open mind. Do all you can to help your child be the best version of themselves and take on the advice of your highly skilled OT”

“Be patient. Results won't appear overnight. Be consistent with the sessions and the homework” 

 “Have fun and get involved as it's good when the kids see their parents getting involved in activities”

 “If you feel that an OT is not providing for your child's needs then have a voice.  You only have such a small window to find what is going to help your child reach to the top of their possible goals.  When you do find a great OT trust them, listen to them.   Always remember your child's needs are going to be different as they are individuals regardless of their extra needs.”

For the privacy of our clients, we have not referenced any names.

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