Value of a

Adapting the quote from Mahatma Gandhi we at Motivate Kids strive to

Keep our thoughts positive because our thought become our words.
Keep our words positive because our words become our behaviour.
Keep our behaviour positive because our behaviour becomes our habits.
Keep our habits positive because our habits become our values.

When you walk through the doors at Motivate Kids we hope you experience our values of
Connection, Consistency and Integrity in all that we do.

Motivate Kids Connection


In the way we build trusting relationships with staff, clients, their families, other professionals, stakeholders and the wider community.

Motivate Kids Consistency


In the way we deliver innovative and evidence-based therapy with care, attentiveness and professionalism.

Motivate Kids Integrity


In the way we respect ourselves, others, time, our work-space, our promises and the service we provide.