concerns to confidence

A ‘concern to confidence’ phone call is a unique complimentary service for everyone (parents, carers, educators, teachers and health professionals) to speak to one of our therapists to determine if Motivate Kids is the next best step in their child’s development journey. Share your concerns and let us help guide you to taking a confident step in the best direction for your child.


Our therapists tailor your child’s OT Journey and empower you to support your child every step of the way. This starts with a comprehensive developmental assessment to identify your child’s strengths and focus areas. Next, our parent-carer meeting provides you with clarity on the outcome of the assessment in order to make a plan to support your child together to achieve their goals. 

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Motivate Kids Occupational Therapy in Adelaide_Therapy


Our open plan studio is purposefully designed to support your child and is where individual therapy sessions are conducted. Therapy addresses the root cause of your child’s developmental challenges and supports the transference of these skills to their outside world to create lasting change for smooth future development.  We recommend parents and carers are present at the one on one therapy sessions to watch your child grow and learn the home practice activities. We are all on this journey together.

off site support

Off site visits can be requested at any time for one of our therapists to observe your child at child care, kindergarten or school so their educators or teachers can best support your child. We can also attend transition or school meetings such Negotiated Education Plan (NEP) meetings. We are proud of the partnership Motivate Kids has with selected schools to provide Sensory Integration therapy on site.

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Motivate Kids Occupational Therapy in Adelaide_ Groups

groups - COMING SOON

Motivate Kids will be releasing their unique group sessions designed to support social, emotional and motor development skills of children in a supportive environment and with a unique therapeutic approach.

professional training

The Director and senior OT’s at Motivate Kids offer Professional Development training opportunities for educators, teachers and parents. When behaviour and learning needs can be seen through an OT lens, a different perspective is understood for everyone to best be able to support your child’s learning needs and positively foster their strengths.

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Research Motivate Kids


Our underpinning therapy approach is to integrate our clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from research. Motivate Kids collaborates with Universities to engage in our very own research to add to this evidence-based practice.

Connect with Compassion

Create an environment for your child to thrive by understanding the reason for your child’s behaviour while healing yourself, you get to heal your child through one on one parent-carer sessions.

NDIS Motivate Kids

Ndis Support

Motivate Kids are registered NDIS providers and support agency, self-managed and third-party plans. We support parents and carers to understand their plans and maximise their child’s therapy journey. Our therapists also provide comprehensive NDIS review reports to support advocating for your child’s needs.